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Along with huge and hard research of fine and rare wine availabilities, the service to the customers is central to our mission. Each customer is provided with personal and efficient managing to ensure that purchasing, storing and delivering his fine and rare wine is done in the most possible professional and best possible way. Whether you are purchasing for drinking, investing or both, just get in touch with us and find out more about what TopWines Switzerland can do for you.

How purchase at TopWines Switzerland…just follow a few easy steps:

  1. Browse our dynamic database or download our stocklist and find your favourite product

  2. Do your choice and add it to your basket or send us an e-mail through the related link.

  3. When your selection is complete, if not yet registered, fill your contact information.

  4. Accept with a click our sales & delivery terms.

  5. Wait for our feedback (usually within 24hours) .

  6. To close the procedure reply to our mail with your final order by completing with full billing and shipping instructions.

  7. Wait our final confirmation sent through our invoice as .pdf attachment into your mail which includes payment instructions (no credit cards, only bank wire).

  8. Provide for payment into terms.

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