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General Shipping Conditions


1.1 - Basically, all goods are sold ex TopWines (further with TWS) warehouse.

1.2 - Unless otherwise specified, goods will be delivered ex TWS warehouse within no more than 10 working days from payment receipt, excepting unforeseen events. The client will be advised in writing when the goods are ready for collection.

1.3 - By delivery for the client, delivery times are set by the shipping agent, in addition to paragraph 2.  


2.1 - In order to reduce damage/ breaking risks, TWS uses only extra made bottles packaging. Polystyrene packaging must be expressly requested by the client. This will cause extra packaging fees.


3.1 - Upon request, TWS may arrange shipping to most countries. This must be requested in writing by the client after placing the order.

3.2 - Shipping arrangement is always upon TWS acceptance.

3.3 - If we agree to arrange shipment, This will be organized at clients risk and cost.

3.4 - Shipping, insurance and packaging costs are stated separately, however invoiced together with the order that must be paid by receipt, as instructed on the invoice itself.

3.5 - TWS responsibilities are ex-cellars. Delivery failures, delays, breakings and other risks related to the shipment are receiver’s matter.   I


4.1 - All shippings arranged by TWS are insured for its value in the event of breakage, loss, damage or theft with an “all risk” formula. Any damage must be reported immediately. Although insured, TWS will not be held responsible for any damage during transport under any circumstances. It will, however, ensure its support in dealing with insurance companies for any refund.

4.2 - In the event of a dispute arising between the insurance company and the client, TWS will take on the role of a neutral intermediary. Under no circumstances will it provide advance payment of the invoice refund or pay it in the event that the insurance company refuses to pay.

4.3 - If the client arranges shipping, he/she is responsible for making sure that the goods are insured.